Friday, July 24, 2020

Group Stage Cash Out, MLS

The MLS is Back group stages wrapped up yesterday and with that, I am going to FAKE cash out from my FAKE betting extravaganza.


At the end of the 36 game group stage, I got 13 games right. I reckon that sounds pretty normal, but where I started to hit my groove was after the first round of games. Once I got a look at the teams, I had a compass. In the second half of the group stage, I was 10 of 18.

3/18: First 18 games
10/18: Second 18 games

BetMGM also started getting things more correct. Early games saw favorites dropping like flies, but as thing marched on, betMGM got a good feel for things.


Not sure. Knockout games at a neutral site doesn't sound like an easy thing to FAKE bet on. MLS is notoriously wonky. I've been all over this league for over 10 years. MLS also has a problem trying to engineer results. Late penalties, tons of extra time for teams that draw eyeballs. It happens.

Looking forward to getting back to player evaluations, TV ratings, etc.

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