Friday, July 17, 2020

Morning MLS Cup of Wrong Advice

Yesterday saw two out of three betMGM favorites win. Finally. After only 2 favorites winning in the first 10 MLS is Back matches, we now have 4 winning the last 7 matches (I missed gathering info on game 15, VAN v. SJ).

It makes sense that favorites are winning a bit more as we now have more info on how teams are emerging from the pandemic black box.

My own personal record (FAKE BETTING) is 3/18 and -$47.38. However, I'm improving like MGM. I'm 2 out of the last 4.


For the first time in this tournament, MLS has scheduled 2 games at the same time. Why? Not sure. Probably an ESPN thing. Regardless.

1. DC United v. New England Revs
Favorite: Revs. Line is fairly close right now. I think it's a simple as whether or not Federico Higuain starts for DC. If so, DC probably has a draw or win here?

2. Sporting KC v. Colorado Rapids
Favorite: KC. Clear favorite. MLS has so many teams that just don't matter. It's not surprising that these two are getting shuffled to ESPN2 while DC and New England play.

3. Real Salt Lake v. Minnesota United
Favorite: Minnesota. It's thin. I have no idea on this one. Neither team can be trusted and the line is pretty much a toss up. Since it's late, maybe Salt lake has the advantage.

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