Monday, July 20, 2020

MLS is Betting in a Hurry

It's 8:30 AM on a Monday morning and MLS has a game kicking off in 30 minutes, so let's make this fake bet quick!

9:00 AM EST
+185 Miami 
+125 NYCFC
Note: My understanding is that one of these teams needs to win by multiple goals just to have a chance to make the knockout round. I'm not even sure either team WANTS to make it. Neither have a win. NYC has been favored in their previous games and lost. Favored here... I'll just ride with them again.

8:00 PM EST
+150 Philly
+170 Orlando
Note: Another game where there isn't really much to play for, just the opposite side of the spectrum. Both are through to the bracket round. Orlando can win the group with a draw. I'll go with that. 

I'm not fake betting much on either game.

Riding a hot streak. Correctly picked 5/6, 6 of the last 10.

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