Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Preseason Look: NY City FC

NYCFC is coming up on their first season as a real MLS team. The shine of their expansion years with David Villa are gone and now we get to see if they (the investors, front office) are still interested in putting forth an effort.

Most indicators seem to say that they are. Their starting XI is solid. No weaknesses save for up top. They may be on the hunt for another center forward / scoring number 9 to fill that David Villa role. Jo Inge Berget should be sufficient with the midfield they have assembled.

Other players of above average note: Maxi Moralez, Alexander Ring, Ebenezer Ofori and Maxime Chanot. These aren't household MLS names, but they are good players.

It is refreshing to see a team relatively prepared for the upcoming season.

75Maxi MoralezAttacking Midfield747675
73Alexander RingCentral Midfield737570
72Ebenezer OforiDefensive Midfield727266
71Maxime ChanotCentre-Back707172
71Anton TinnerholmRight-Back717169
69Jo Inge BergetCentre-Forward706968
69Jesús MedinaLeft Winger696967
69Keaton ParksDefensive Midfield696962
69Ismael Tajouri-ShradiRight Winger687169
69Ronald MatarritaLeft-Back687169
69Sean JohnsonGoalkeeper697068
68Alexander CallensCentre-Back667168
67Ben SweatLeft-Back646769
65Cédric HountondjiCentre-Back656760
65Sebastien IbeaghaCentre-Back636567
64Brad StuverGoalkeeper646463
63Valentín CastellanosAttacking Midfield636364
63Jonathan LewisRight Winger616364
62Tony RochaCentral Midfield616267
61James SandsDefensive Midfield615866
52Dan BedoyaAttacking Midfield6052
51Jeff CaldwellGoalkeeper5451
0Joe ScallyRight-Back
0Abdi MohamedDefender
0Luis BarrazaGoalkeeper

I'm not sure NY City FC need much else. This team is prepared for the season. Anything they bring in at this point is just a bonus. Playoff material.

Player Ratings (avg)TransferMarkt Value (000)
1ATL70.965.9$ 52,497$ 6,067
2TFC70.565.7$ 25,027$ 4,315
3NYC70.564.6$ 16,303$ 4,470
4DCU69.756.6$ 21,934$ 2,990
5NYR69.764.9$ 20,192$ 3,745
6CLB69.366.2$ 24,671$ 4,180
7NER68.764.5$ 13,278$ 5,115
8PHI68.256.5$ 9,933$ 5,529
9CHI67.863.7$ 17,022$ 3,955
10FCC67.564.7$ 11,014$ 4,383
11ORL67.262.2$ 10,365$ 3,309 

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