Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Preseason Look: Orlando City

We have a new team at the bottom of the East. This team is far from complete, let along competing. Giving them an incomplete grade right now. They are missing right and left backs, players on the right and left in the midfield and in desperate need of a goalkeeper.

Even when they find players to fill these roles, they will still be stuck in a 4231 type of formation that just about every MLS team plays. No ability to switch to something more attacking, nor more defending. They are just... there.

There are few players to even highlight. Kljestan is still around. Lamine Sané is one to watchas well. Outside of that, it's a mix of average players coached by someone way over their head.

Player Ratings (avg)TransferMarkt Value (000)
1ATL70.965.9$ 52,497$ 6,067
2TFC70.565.7$ 25,027$ 4,315
3NYR69.764.9$ 20,192$ 3,745
4CLB69.366.2$ 24,671$ 4,180
5NER68.764.5$ 13,278$ 5,115
6PHI68.256.5$ 9,933$ 5,529
7CHI67.863.7$ 17,022$ 3,955
8FCC67.564.7$ 11,014$ 4,383
9ORL67.262.2$ 10,365$ 3,309 

Don't look for Orlando to create any worst to first type storylines this year.

70Lamine SanéCentre-Back707569
69Sacha KljestanAttacking Midfield697468
69Carlos AscuesCentral Midfield697067
69Dom DwyerCentre-Forward697268
69Will JohnsonCentral Midfield696966
69Oriol RosellDefensive Midfield706966
69Cristian HiguitaCentral Midfield697066
66Danilo AcostaLeft-Back616667
66Dillon PowersCentral Midfield686661
65João MoutinhoLeft-Back596566
64R. J. AllenRight-Back666464
64Josué ColmánAttacking Midfield666464
64Shane O'NeillCentre-Back626564
64Tesho AkindeleCentre-Forward626664
62Alex De JohnCentre-Back625968
62Chris MuellerRight Winger626264
61Pierre da SilvaLeft Winger586163
59Adam GrinwisGoalkeeper595670
55Cam LindleyDefensive Midfield57550
55Mason StajduharGoalkeeper55560
0Benji MichelForward000
0Greg RanjitsinghGoalkeeper5800
0Kamal MillerDefender000
0Kyle SmithRight-Back5500
0Santiago PatiñoForward000
0Sebastián MéndezCentral Midfield000
0Tommy MaddenMidfielder000

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