Saturday, January 19, 2019

Preseason Look: New England Revolution

The New England Revs mark my halfway completion point for the Eastern Conference. Perhaps it is a fitting spot for them, right there in the middle. Tucked away. A team everyone wants to play home, but never wants to go play away (because of the surface and atmosphere, not the team).

New England has a bit of a Frankenstein roster build so far. I see recent pick-ups like Edgar Castillo (32), Cristian Penilla (27), Luis Caicedo (22), and Juan Fernando Caicedo (29) and think that they are going for it. Unfortunately, this is sort of what the Revs do each season. Reach.

The "core" of the team is basically the same as it has been since 2014 - Fagundez, Caldwell, Farrell, Bunbury and Agudelo. Two more core longtimers that could have still been with the team were it not for extreme measures. Poor Chris Tierney had to retire to get out and Lee Nguyen had to transform into a bad dude to live free. Fine players, but you are telling me that they haven't found enough players in 5, now going on 6 seasons, to replace these guys in the 18?

71Cristian PenillaLeft Winger707271
70Edgar CastilloLeft-Back717070
70Diego FagĂșndezLeft Winger647370
70Michael MancienneCentre-Back707068
69Juan Fernando CaicedoCentre-Forward7169
69Andrew FarrellRight-Back666969
69Juan AgudeloCentre-Forward696967
68Teal BunburyCentre-Forward667068
67Matt TurnerGoalkeeper666967
67Antonio DelameaCentre-Back676867
67Wilfried ZahiboCentral Midfield657067
67Luis CaicedoDefensive Midfield666768
67Scott CaldwellCentral Midfield676865
66Jalil AnibabaCentre-Back636866
65Brad KnightonGoalkeeper656569
65Cody CropperGoalkeeper656564
64Gabriel SomiLeft-Back646366
61Brandon ByeRight-Back596165
61Zachary HerivauxCentral Midfield615862
59Brian WrightCentre-Forward585963
54Isaac AngkingAttacking Midfield545463
0Nicolas FirminoMidfielder
0DeJuan JonesForward
0Tajon BuchananForward
0Justin RennicksCentre-Forward

The frustrating thing about the Revs is that they fish, fish, fish for players outside this average core group when they'd almost just be better off finding similar ones to the 2014 group I just listed. New England is a tough sell for good players. The weather is chilly, the surface sucks, it's in a cavernous NFL stadium, attendance for games range from 2k friends and family to 16k on a nice summer Saturday night.

The Revs are sitting on a roster of 25 players and 14 of them just arrived last year.

Player Ratings (avg)TransferMarkt Value (000)
1ATL70.965.9$ 40,695$ 4,703
2NYR69.764.9$ 15,653$ 2,903
3CLB69.366.2$ 19,125$ 3,240
4NER68.764.5$ 10,293$ 3,965
5PHI68.056.1$ 8,015$ 4,106
6FCC67.564.7$ 8,538$ 3,398 

Despite the feeling I have about this team (they stink), they do have a fairly decent starting XI so far, and by that I mean - strong enough to get them the same finish as last year. 6th or 7th place in the East.

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