Sunday, February 13, 2011

X. Only Interesting to Me

1. Guus Hiddink, soccer guru on the move again.

He is always on the move. He is soccer nation building now in Turkey. In 2002 he was in S. Korea. Turkey played S. Korea in a friendly the other day. Sort of like he was playing himself. 0-0.

1a. Watching Lazio play Brescia... messy.

Hey! It's a solo man in the both. Same poor guy that pretends to be at the games calling all the nPower League 2 highlights. Haha! This guy is everywhere!

2a. He just pimped himself on the air, he is also a musician. Max Patrick.

2. Bonduel, WI news reads about as easily as one of my posts.

"Workshops seek to improve economic literacy"
Feb. 4, 2011 8:38 p.m. Comments University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Professor Emeritus Mark Schug is trying to attack a problem that has been plaguing the country for years - one that he says may have placed Americans right in the middle of the economic crisis: financial illiteracy.

3. Spring getting here in Ohio.

I know we've got a few weeks left, but in the 40s yesterday! That's 40 degrees warmer then the previous day.
4. Follow up on Super Bowl Crowd Theory

Medians were close in both point total (52 vs. 56) and point difference (hit, 6 points). The "crowd" also picked the winner. Interesting. Nice work "crowd", Vegas loves ya.

5. Stoke; Cleanest team in league!

Yes, really! they are. They commit less fouls then anyone. 278 on the year. Roughest team in the EPL? Wigan 370 fouls.

5a. Foul difference.

The diff between fouls given to fouls taken. Bolton has given 77 more then taken. It's funny because they are the least fouled team. The most picked on team? The leagues punching bag? Hotspur. They have taken 65 more fouls suffered then given.

Stoke again, has suffered the 2nd least amount of fouls. Maybe other teams are scared. Man U suffers the least amount.

5b. Frequency of fouls in a game? One every four minutes.

Only here do you get that stat!

6. Most productive offensive players in the league based on goals and assists per game played?

Weighted; 5 pts for a goal, 3 pts for assist

1: Berbatov (4.4)
2: Tevez*
3. Van Persie*
4: Van der Vaart
5: Nani
6: Carroll
7: Rooney
8: Walcott
9: Drogba
0: Cahill (2.7)

* players averaging over 1 goal or assist per game played.

7. I've got more, but I'll leave that for another post!

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