Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"...the best RPGs"

Stumbled upon an article over at Kotaku the other day that started with "Sports games are really the best RPGs." The article itself wasn't about that topic but was an interesting one about a guy who took a no name team in the Finnish hockey league to the NHL and won the Stanley Cup.

EA is doing some great things with their soccer and hockey franchises. The inclusion of the rest of the world helps immensely. I'm currently trying to take a nPower League 2 team from the near bottom of English football to the top. It's great fun and very similar to grinding things out while playing an RPG. Not the new 'action RPG' type game like Mass Effect though. More like a Bard's Tale or Ultima IV. There is a similar rush there that you feel when something you've been working towards - happens.

EA's hands are tied with Madden. It needs more. More teams, more options, more variety.

MLB The Show is on board with the more teams the better as well. Although, I don't see it toppling my FIFA 11 career mode anytime soon.

Anyway, good stuff. And great improvements on home console career mode/dynasty mode things are happening the more they start syncing up with our home computers and z internets.

To quote the article:

"For those that think it's silly, clearly they have yet to play a dynasty in a video game."

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