Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Brent Woodpeckers

What a wealth of data the Barclay's fantasy soccer league provides. Deep diving into how well we are doing against the "Average" of all players that have participated on the official site.

I'm taking the things I've learnt at work to try and determine how well each of us are doing individually and as a collective group. 1st off; to smooth out the data a little I'm looking at four week averages instead of week to week. There is enough data now to look at it that way. So if you look at the graph you'll notice it starts at week 4.

I know that any good graph should explain its self. I hope that works. There are a few statistically significant events.

1. Smitty's above average production between week 10 and 16.

2. My below average production during the same spell.

3. Matt's sky rocketing point production in the last 4 weeks.



Today at lunch, whilst taking a break (of course). I decided to use the powerful statistical software called Minitab to look at the goal production of Liverpool this season.

Why? They have been noticeably better since New England Sports Ventures group took over the club. What I wanted to see was if it was statistically better. The team is getting better.

In the image look at the chart on the right. It it a Moving Range by month. Which means point 1 on the chart is August. Point 7 is February. It shows goal difference in their games during each month. So basically, "up" is good. Above zero means they are winning. Pretty amazing that each month they have been improving. The red lines above and below are upper and lower confidence levels. Meaning: the closer those are the more predictable the result. The 'telescoping' together as the season goes on means the goal difference result is more predictable.
The chart on the left is just for fun. It's a pareto that shows the frequency in goal difference. +1 is most often at 23.1%. 2nd most likely occurrence is -1, which isn't strange in the Premier League.

Bottom line. The Brent Woodpeckers are improving just as Liverpool is this season. The numbers are telling me so. Were these numbers I was looking at in regards to production of a department at work I'd say that both are doing very well improving significantly.

Brent Woodpeckers Liverpool!


Bleeno said...

"i'm gonna take this itty bitty world by storm...and I'm just getting warm" - LL Cool J

Larry W Johnson II said...

"Cause I'm gifted , I read Sun Tzu
I bought a gun too, So you'll never come too." - Helmet, House of Pain and every Stoke fan.