Thursday, February 10, 2011

Arrive in Style

Chrysler floored me with their Super Bowl commercial, but another one of their's pops up in my mind as very good. It was run during the Globes. I really like how the ad copy writers mention "it wasn't that long ago", because it is truth that gets so easily forgotten in just one generation.

The new line of Fiat Chrysler's don't have the same "cache" as the ones lovingly photographed in this commercial. But enjoy the commercial for framing up these beautiful cars the way it does. Automotive beauty.

It shows cars during a time where it was design over function. You hear me? DESIGN OVER FUNCTION. What a simple concept that was just forgotten.

Of course it cribs the music from my most favorite car commercial of all time... It isn't about function or design. It's about story telling and ad making in less then a minute. The one that is better then 90% of all movies out there. I'd be remiss not to mention it. It inspired me to make video things.

What remains so powerful about it is my perception of it. I don't know the actors. They aren't on TMZ or on magazine covers. It hints at the movie The Graduate, but I don't feel it steals from it. Viewing it I feel free to convey whatever I like.


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