Monday, February 7, 2011

I felt a "Thump"

You know that moment in a monster movie where they show a cup of water rippling, or a building shaking? That moment where the director is letting you know that there is something huge out there moving around? I felt that last night during the Super Bowl and it had nothing to do with the game.

Instead of some monster in a fantasy, it was the very real heart of Detroit that let out a massive, yet suttle "thump" for the first time in nearly three decades. One that use to be as normal and predictable as a precise wrist watch ticking. That powerful thump was because of the Chrysler commercial. But for me, it wasn't about any particular car company. That didn't seem to be the message it was trying to convey. It was of Detroit.

I know that I write more then I should on how I feel about GM and Detroit here. But the commercial struck a chord with me. It was just a thump, yes. But one that use to be so familiar that those older and wiser then knew not to take for granted.

I've heard about the glory of Detroit. I work with and have met a few that were there in the 50s and 60s. Those that knew the healthy heart of our country that was Detroit. I've read more on the early years of the town then I care to mention even. I know about the excess and the wrongs done but her leaders. I may know Detroit as some one who as lived it and maybe I know it's history more then most of those folks. But I don't DARE pretend I know how to feel it.

It is one of innovation, of back room brawls with the Dodge brothers, about where the name Cadillac comes from, or the idea behind the Fisher Body and the meaning behind it, the failures Ford experienced, the River Rouge, the disappearance of just about every tree in Michigan and reappearance... so maybe that's why I felt that thump more then others.

I'll never forget one of the things my father said about Detroit when I was a boy:

"So goes Detroit, so goes the country."

I even researched over 80 years of earnings and commented on them here, on Helltown. I even went so far as to write an "I believe" letter about General Motors. Why? I don't exactly know other then I am aware enough that I've found myself in manufacturing in part because of Detroit.

I could go on about Fiat owned Chrysler and the fact that even at best American cars are only 70% "American Made". But that isn't the point of what I'm rambling on about... or the point of the ad.

Fact is; I felt the low rumble "thump" from underneath the frozen winter ground. You may have missed it and buildings may have just shook subtly and windows rattle faintly, perhaps like a distant passing train... indeed; maybe many missed it, and it was just one thump that may not come again, but I felt it.

I am thankful for it and it was wonderful.

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