Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Wild West of Video Games

Finally ventured online to play some FIFA 10 games this weekend. It's about what I expected. Each opponent picking Real Madrid or Manchester United. I stay strong with either Stoke City or The Crew. I've actually won one legit game. Well at least I thought I did, the guy I was playing jumped off right at the end thus giving me a 3-0 win. Bittersweet.

A couple notes about playing online:

1. EA has a pretty good match making system
2. You'll play Real Madrid
3. You'll play a guy who is a huge fan of Newcastle United, and he will work you

All in all, it's fun. I'm not a huge online video game player but FIFA is good. Looking forward to September 28th when I can set up a league. In the meantime I'll be sharpening my skills against Real.

As for the Wild West of gaming online? My game of choice is Call of Duty. Sports games never seem too fair, but FIFA is good. Looking forward to starting something up!

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