Monday, September 27, 2010

Northampton Town 2 Liverpool 2

The Cobblers pulled it off (last week) on penalties. What a win for them. Liverpool had mostly reserves playing in this Carling Cup match... still... I'm no expert, but i'm pretty sure this sort of thing shouldn't happen. Nice work Cobblers!

I read somewhere that this game ensures that Northampton will be turning a profit for the year now. Something about that I like because I know that more then a few Premier League teams are in financial trouble.

This will be a game long forgotten in the world of soccer, in fact it may already be. But for NHT it is a win for the ages.


Bleeno said...

big win for NHT. and an embarrassing defeat for Liverpool, reserves or not. and with home field advantage. and going down after missing a shoot-out goal. ...but, then that's why i love this game. totally unpredictable.

Larry W Johnson II said...

i think it is great that a game like this can happen. i'd like to see some mls teams travel to play teams in europe in meaningful games