Monday, September 13, 2010

#1 Stoke City fan (in the USA)

Maybe not, but until I meet another one I'll claim the number one spot! Finally, a win! Phantom call at the end of the game, but I'll take it. Gotta say, I've put in more games with Stoke on FIFA 10 then I care to mention. I'm not sure how exactly I became a fan other then picking a team with a friend based on my simple rules of the following:

1. No famous teams (not sure why, I pull for Liverpool and teams with American players)
2. Interesting team name (Potters)
3. Underdog
4. Heavy on the English born players (pride I guess)

Stoke Upon Trent isn't that far from Kettering, in American terms. But in England I may as well be on the other side of the planet.On a side note; my jersey from came. Customer service was very nice. Jersey is probably for framing really. Too large. But I love it. Maybe should have gone for a Malsbury or Howard on the back, but Johnson will do!

Go Stoke! Vis Unita Fortior! United Strength is Stronger!

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Bleeno said...

yes! the Jersey!
Stoke City for President!