Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Shelby Sensation, the Reverse Apache Master

Picked up Eastbound and Down today. I've been wanting to watch it for sometime. Next season starts up on HBO here later this month. Lookout for it. David Gordon Green will be doing a handful of the episodes again this season while Jody Hill will handle most. The series is more Jody Hill Observe and Report then Green's Undertow or Snow Angels. Jody is from Concord, NC so I'll give him a pass on Observe and Report (it had it's moments, albeit, um... off beat?).

In Eastbound and Down they just sort of turn it loose. It extremely rude and profane but at the same time honest -- which is a tightrope. One that Apatow and Seth Rogen like to walk (save for Year One). Will Farrell seems to be linked somehow to rude/profane/honest comedies. Okay by me. Role Models was a funny as heck. Eastbound is no different, he is one of the producers.

McBride's Kenny Powers has become somewhat of a cult figure around baseball parts. After the first couple episodes it is hard to see, but the show (under Green's direction) hits his stride around the 3rd episode - just ends too quick, there is only six of them.

September 26th is the next episode. It's moved out of NC, but hoping the charm is still there.

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