Sunday, September 5, 2010

Legend has it...

Here's something you'll never read anywhere else: According to my father, Campbell University once had football but cancelled it due to a death on the field. I'll have to follow up with him on the date that happened, but if I recall it was around WWII. My dad claimed that the powers that be at the time made a solemn vow never to carry a football team ever again.

In 2008 Campbell University broke that alleged vow and started playing football once again. I was curious this morning about how they were doing so I checked the scoreboards on the usual sites. Nothing. So I went over to the CU website to see what I could find. Turns out they are playing in the Pioneer Football League with the likes of Davidson, Jacksonville, Butler, Dayton, Drake, Valparaiso, Marist, San Diego and Morehead State.

I had mixed feeling when I found out a few years ago that CU was entering back into the football world. I liked that Homecoming was marked by a soccer game. However, I read the the Pioneer League is the only non-scholarship football league in Division-I. There is something I really like in that.

I didn't know there was a D-I non-scholarship league. Nice work Campbell.

Nice win yesterday too.

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