Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Entire World

So... At work I have to manage a plethora of employees and manage quite a bit of inventory and analyse how well we use that inventory. It's great fun, let me tell ya. Our merchants were musing recently about large format framing. So I went over the top. Above is a rare picture of work. I can't thank my team enough for putting that bad boy together.

Anyway. The analysis is carrying over to other parts of my life. Namely; tracking who I play online during FIFA 10 matches. Not sure why I do it, just do. Below are the games that I have finished. I say finished because I have strict rules about who I play with. Stoke or Crew. I find that often times when I'm playing with the Crew and winning the opposing player drops offline thus giving me the 3-0 win. I've eliminated those games in the stat tracking below.
Safe to say I've played many a half against Barcelona that has been dropped. Bums that drop out and can't stand loosing to the mighty Crew!

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