Wednesday, April 14, 2010

UM Cops

This video was taken after a University of Maryland victory over Duke last month. The students were celebrating the win. In the video it appears that one student meanders up to a mounted officer and taunts him. Other officers jump in and beat the hell out of him.

Come to find out a few officers are being suspended. I'm not sure how a feel about that. It's excessive force to be sure. Maybe I just don't like horses spooked. Note to self, don't spook a cop on a horse.

It's no secret that a good percentage UM students are, well... jerks. So I'm conflicted on the right and wrong here. I would have been happy if a kid from a technical school or even NOVA beat him when he was acting like that, but it's is pretty scary when a police officer does.

The press is doing their thing (in this case WTOP) by stating: "Suddenly, three officers in riot gear run toward him, slam him into a wall and beat him with batons. In the video, the beating appears unprovoked."

The Prince George's County police are doing their thing by stating: "Everybody on the scene that night is under review right now."

What I don't particularly like is the writer of the article saying it appears unprovoked. Huh? What?!

Here's what it should say: "Drunk spoiled white kid taunts cops, gets beat."

Here's what the PG police department should say: "Drunk spoiled white kid taunts cops, gets beat. Don't taunt the cops."

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