Saturday, April 3, 2010


The opening credits of any 80s T.V. show just got the blood going. How could you not watch the entire show after viewing the first minute? Fast ride? Check. Sweet music? Guns? Beach? Girls? Check, check, check, check. How about pull-ups, a scuba fight, rolling out from beneath a Camaro?

Perhaps it was overload as to why these types openings disappeared. Too much awesomeness? Maybe, we, as a country changed. It's funny in hindsight to remember that the 80s seemed really sissified. Not too much sissy here though. I mean, three of them have dudes lighting up a cigar. Another had a bull for goodness sake.

In honor of the decade of excess I'm going to clog things up here with a bunch of videos. Enjoy!

Finally, the best. It's a slightly edited one, but the video is clear and I like the text being there. Personal note... Our Camaro named "Black Betty" was nearly "Bonnie Barstow". If you know that reference before watching this video, then my hats off to you pal.

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