Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ebert going after video games again

This time longer winded and responding to one person. HERE.

I agree and disagree. I won't get into it again. I've posted my thoughts before. I went back and re-read what I had written and I still feel the same way. To me video games are as much art, as a whole, as movies. I will never compare games to paintings, or even sculpture. But I will defend them against any movie. Movies are further along. But after thinking about art as a lasting window into our human soul I cannot defend or explain where video games fall into that. Nor movies. Most of these two mediums are there but for mostly the now. Both, unfortunately, are in a degradable medium. Both advance humanity, good or bad. But the lasting effects of culture are not found in such things. They are found, at least over hundreds or thousands of years, in a lasting medium.

If games and movies are found to stand the test of a thousand years, then, yes my friends, both can be considered art.

Ugh, only time will tell. Will we hold up film or electronic media in the same way we would a Caravaggio? Is art in a genius of one, not many? I guess if I were to answer that then I could have a doctorate.

But perhaps one could look past that. One could look to what one concerns themselves with. The finality of death. The everlasting life of Christ and his resurrection. No, not an alter call here. No music is softly playing in the background. Just a question of what matters betwixt. What gets us there, what we ponder, where we wind up. If all is consumed and shat out, what remains? What will others find to be the cornerstones or our existence, of our time.

Is life just a continuation. A continuation of time through what is now and what will be. Maybe through ultimate creation we have the answer, or at least in part. Creation through life. Through children. Maybe it is somewhere in there. Just maybe. I wish I could answer that, but I cannot.

Ask a father. I think they know the answer to that. I'll reiterate what I said in my other post; Art is creation. No need to look deeper into it then that.

I'm talking to you - Mr. Ebert.

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