Sunday, April 18, 2010

Curbside Columbus: 1929 Mercedes Gazelle

At least I think it is a 1929 Gazelle. I've discovered getting into pre-war cars is difficult and dicey. I couldn't get in close to this vehicle here in town. There are a few distinguishing features throwing me for a loop.

1. The windshield. It looks to be separated in to two sheets of class. The SSK and Gazelle's from that year I find online don't have that.

2. The rear view mirror. Shape is slightly different then the models I've seen.

3. The strap near the left tail light. Just slightly different.

There isn't much doubt that it is a replica, but even replica's of this model go for over $15k. It's important to note that this was found on the Brewery District side of German Village near downtown Columbus. An area settled by Germans and still largely populated by people's of German descent. I have a feeling that there are more gems like this one tucked away in many garages in the area.

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