Saturday, April 10, 2010

Over the Hurdle

I made it over the PC hurdle. That is, I actually brought myself to put something together using, what is it again? Ah, Windows Movie Maker. You know, the one that a little girl uses in a commercial.

After my iMac HD went XXX on me, I got scared. Real scared. But now, it's coming back to me... only on Windows. Yeah, I'll probably go back to an Apple product at some point, but I'm having a just dandy of a time with my PC.

Movie Maker is very similar to iMovie, which makes it familiar. I can say that I don't have any little movies on youtube that were cut on iMovie, but I did use it from time to time. Ideas maybe? Not sure why I never completed anything on it. It was simple though and Movie Maker is the same way. Good enough for me for now.

So what was the hurdle you ask? Music. I was having a hard time with it. iTunes no likey conversions to Movie Maker. Figuring out a way around it was cumbersome (or illegal). However, I have come across something that is easy to use - thanks to a free Saturday. Amen to that. I can now convert just about any video file or audio file anyway I want it. In fact, I may have more freedom now then I did. A dangerous statement.

So where am I at? Muse, muse, muse. I'm finding it around more recently. Sometimes it's a curse. Like way (way) back when I painted. It would just hit me and I would drive it into the ground. When it is hitting me things get strange. Everything I look at turns into an idea for what I want to do with it. A song, a time of day, a line on a body, a shadow, the song Tomorrow by the Whalewatchers.

Sometimes it leads to good... sometimes bad... but always leads to something.

Hello my friend - beautiful, beautiful lines created by light and shadow, where have you been?

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