Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Afternoon Off

From Jalopnik: "Today, manufacturers think luxury means heated and cooled seats, voice command and one-touch trunk closure. But Nice Price or Crack Pipe knows that true luxury means hidden headlights, landau roofs, and driving dynamics that are like a Nyquil-induced coma."

"My mom had one of these in a soft baby blue with white walls.. it was an epic car to be in, and actually pretty great to drive as well.

By far its best feature was the 7 - 8 inches of completely empty space between the radiator and the grille.. because y'know.. it just had to be bigger. So foolish and yet so awesome. :)"

"The upside to the asthmatic horsepower figure is that this mill makes something like 300lb-ft of torque, and is rated to tow 5000#."

"On the plus side, being Panther-based, it will probably ride forever, like the many Panthers of this vintage I still see rolling even in rust-infested New Jersey.

On the minus side, it will probably ride forever, until all of your driving senses are reduced to faint nerve impulses, like the road surface as communicated through its steering wheel."

"Don't think of it as a car. Think of it as an addition to your home, a plush and snuggly den/guest room. Or as a rare dinosaur that needs a good home."

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