Friday, August 2, 2019

Top Forwards in MLS

Today we are looking at the top Forwards in MLS in continuation with all the other positions that I have evaluated over the last week or so. I did it before last weekend's games, but that only matters in specific stats. The overall rank of players aren't going to change much because I take the rank of the player based on's measurement against my own here at Helltown.

Here the are, the best Forwards in MLS 2019:

29: Median Age of these guys
$2.0 million: Median salary

1Carlos VelaCancun, MexicoLAF30$6,300,000
2Diego RossiMontevideo, UruguayLAF21$1,052,000
3Zlatan IbrahimovicMalmo, SwedenLAG38$7,200,000
4Josef MartínezValencia, VenezuelaATL26$3,058,333
5Wayne RooneyLiverpool, EnglandDC34$3,507,500
6Carles GilValencia, SpainNER27$2,337,500
7Latif BlessingAccra, GhanaLAF23$103,125
8Kacper PrzybylkoBielefeld, GermanyPHI26$277,000
9Darwin QuinteroTumaco, ColombiaMIN32$1,750,000
10Kei KamaraKenema, Sierra LeoneCOL35$750,000

If you are in the MLS orbit, you probably recognize most of these names. Well, I take that back. You probably don't know Elis, Blessing, Castellanos, Heber or Savarino. I wrote about Carles Gil before the season started and it looks like he is paying off for New England this year.

Here are the WhoScored player ratings, sorted:

8.50Carlos VelaLAF
7.71Zlatan IbrahimovicLAG
7.49Kacper PrzybylkoPHI
7.44Diego RossiLAF
7.42Wayne RooneyDC
7.40Josef MartínezATL
7.37Alberth ElisHOU
7.35Carles GilNER
7.30Kei KamaraCOL
7.30Johnny RussellSKC
7.24Latif BlessingLAF
7.21Jefferson SavarinoRSL
7.19Darwin QuinteroMIN
7.15Araújo HéberNYCFC
7.07Alexandru MitritaNYCFC
7.02Jordan MorrisSEA
7.01C.J. SapongCHI
7.00Valentin CastellanosNYCFC
6.93Mauro ManotasHOU

As mentioned in one of my other posts on this top player stuff, Rooney is loved by modern measurements because he does loads of stuff in the midfield.

Lastly, Rossi should be mentioned somewhere in there - so Diego Rossi.

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