Thursday, August 8, 2019

Top Center Backs in MLS

[Season start - July 26, 2019 - I round ages]

Here are the best Center Backs in MLS based on my own Helltown player ratings and WhoScored (average rank between the two systems).

1Walker ZimmermanLawrenceville, GeorgiaLAF26$600,000
2Miles RobinsonArlington, MassachusettsATL22$201,250
3Maxime ChanotNancy, FranceNYCFC30$650,000
4Ike OparaDurham, North CarolinaMIN30$367,917
5Daniel SteresBurbank, CaliforniaLAG29$155,500
6Leandro González PírezBuenos Aires, ArgentinaATL27$810,008
7Jack ElliottLondon, EnglandPHI24$265,000
8Auston TrustyMedia, PennsylvaniaPHI21$124,100
9Steve BirnbaumNewport, CaliforniaDC29$550,000
10Frederic BrillantSedan, FranceDC34$300,000
11Florian JungwirthGrafelfing, West GermanySJE31$616,675
12Diego PolentaMontevideo, UruguayLAG28$777,276
13Eddie SeguraPereira, ColombiaLAF23$212,000
14Matt HedgesRochester, New YorkFCD29$575,008
15Bastian SchweinsteigerKolbermoor, West GermanyCHI35$5,600,000
16James SandsRye, New YorkNYCFC19$105,000
17Amro TarekLos Angeles, CaliforniaNYR27$156,250
18Keegan RosenberryHarrisburg, PennsylvaniaCOL26$164,945
19Alex CallensCallao, PeruNYCFC27$664,000
20Michael BoxallAuckland, New ZealandMIN31$317,333

28: Median Age of top 20 CBs in MLS
$342k: Median Salary of top 20 CBs in MLS


Walker Zimmerman, 26, LAFC
In the right place at the right time in his career. I'm not sure if I see him making a big move overseas at this point, but he'll likely be winning a few trophies.

Maynor Figueroa, 36, HOU (ranked 25, not listed):
He has been in MLS since 2015 (FC Dallas, Houston) and is a steal, at least according to published wage data. WhoScored doesn't necessarily rate him (they love lots of activity, something CBs don't have as much as, say, mids).

Donovan Pines, 21, DC (ranked 24, not listed):
The highest-rated WhoScored CB is playing for DC and is only 21. If you are looking him up, join the club. I had to as well.

Outside of those two you have a bunch of players performing like they should. Notable is Ike Opara (excellent pickup by MIN), Walker Zimmerman, Auston Trusty, Miles Robinson.

 Here's how WhoScored has them:

7.17Donovan PinesDC
7.11Ike OparaMIN
7.09Francisco CalvoCHI
7.05Miles RobinsonATL
7.04Walker ZimmermanLAF
7.03Maxime ChanotNYCFC
6.98Leandro González PírezATL
6.97Francisco CalvoCHI
6.95Florian JungwirthSJE
6.90Frederic BrillantDC
6.90Amro TarekNYR
6.89Steve BirnbaumDC
6.88Diego PolentaLAG
6.87Bastian SchweinsteigerCHI
6.87Matheus BressanFCD
6.84Aaron LongNYR
6.83Matt HedgesFCD
6.79Lamine SanéORL
6.78Maynor FigueroaHOU
6.70Zakaria DialloMTL

Here are my other TOP IN MLS lists, so far:


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