Sunday, April 10, 2016

Finlay's Thoughts on MLS Officiating

Moment of the match last night goes to Ethan Finlay. You hear the voices of players picked up all the time during MLS matches. The league's desire to pick up as much crowd noise from often quiet stadiums during the match ensures it. Montreal's Olympic Stadium is the best for this. Huge crowd but the "O" is a cavernous facility.

Finlay's first outburst is pretty clear. He follows up with another something I can't quite make out ("you need glasses"?). Then, awesomely, the 4th official finishes it with; "Don't be fucking loud."

Ah, anyway. It's a nothing moment in a nothing game for Columbus, but it's funny. I tend to pick up on these things and put them in my back pocket until the time comes when you find out everybody on the team dislikes each other. Key moment, then.

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Todd said...

This is a good find. I don't approve of this kind of language, but I understand it happens in sports. You have better ears than I do, because I can't pick up the AR's response.

I'm hoping to put something a little bit better in writing or maybe even get it on a podcast, but this passion is one of the reasons Finlay is my favorite player. In 2014, he had started only 2 games, and we were in that bad slump, I think it was 1 win in 16 games or something like that. We were sitting in the second row probably a little closer to the goal than to midfield at First Energy Stadium for the Indy Eleven US Open Cup match. That match goes down as one of my top 5 crew moments.

It was so awesome to sit in such an intimate setting. Clark was yelling "Parky" and other such nicknames at players. Bedell had been sent off (after Chris Penso as 4th official told the center ref to rescind a yellow and go straight red) and Paladini had received a red card for what looked like a punch. A very frustrated team indeed.

Finlay was taken out pretty horribly at midfield. No call, no nothing. Finlay comes running to the AR, who was literally 5-10 feet directly in front of me. Finlay points his two fingers at his own eyes and says something to the effect of, "You have a f***ing flag! Use it! Are you watching the game?!"

Again, I'm not a big fan of so much cursing, but it was a moment of passion that the team desperately needed. I saw a lackluster team that couldn't have cared less, but he was really trying to win. I tweeted the he should be MOTM for that, and he faved it. I'll have to dig it up. He has started every game since then. Well-deserved.

Anyway, I think the timing of your post and it being this game can actually be a good thing. At least SOMEBODY on that team has a desire to win. I mean I want somebody to go in and get a yellow card. We have a league low THREE yellow cards! (same as goals) Show some passion!! Show some desire! Argue a call! Encroach on a free kick! Make that questionable challenge!! Do SOMETHING! Don't make me feel like I'm wasting my money!

Finlay is taking an unfair lion's share of the blame for losses, IMO (if I look only at social media). He takes the heat for the losses, but realistically, his passion is exactly what the team needs. People forget, but in 2015, he didn't score until Game 7 on 4/2/15, where he scored 2 against Philly. It's coming. I feel it. People need to show some patience.