Sunday, April 3, 2016

Crew SC Lack Hunger, Still Winless

Gregg Berhalter and Anthony Precourt's Columbus Crew SC is one that is very comfortable with not winning much for long stretches. In 2014, Columbus had an epic 16 match run where they only won one match and earned a measly 11 pts. Last year there was a sleepy 10 game run of 8pts in May/June.

Both of these runs are as bad as anything Robert Warzycha posted in his time, yet, it's clear that things are different. This Crew appears to be in control of the car while Warzycha's was often careening into oncoming traffic.

Last night Columbus left Frisco with a point on the back side of an international break. This makes four winless matches to start the season and six winless, digging back to last season's playoffs.

Greatness this isn't. It's a slog. And it's not fun. But it's working for this "new Crew" playing in this current competitive format in Major League Soccer.

We've said it here many times here at Helltown this year, and we'll say it again. This year's Crew team has a massive, pulsating, hangover from last year. The ease of which they are approaching this season appears to be almost by design. Maybe that will work, maybe not.

One thing is for certain, however. The world doesn't stop for you to recover and get that hunger back. While this new Crew SC might have a mini-history of bad stretches, none of them to start the season.

MLS gives you a long leash but there's an old saying out there that goes something like "jump on the day before it jumps on you." Words to live by, really. Same could be said about starting a season.

Ask a Columbus Blue Jacket fan.

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