Saturday, April 9, 2016

Crew SC Face a Fate...

Bad starts are different than midseason slumps. Berhalter knows those types of blurry-eyed warm weather mornings of the latter. A bad start to the season is different. A bad start to your third season in charge, is different. It sticks with you. It puts you behind. You're half an hour late and at the bottom of the mountain you need to climb. Each press of the snooze button has you wondering if you can even today.

Columbus Crew SC is in a bad spot right now, but it certainly doesn't mean it's over. MLS, like most other sports in this country, are extremely forgiving. It does mean that Gregg Berhalter and team have some important decisions to make. This type of adversity is why they are here.

Should Berhalter change up his lineup? Maybe take the team out to Medieval Times for a fun dinner? It's not known what is going on inside the walls of the training facility down in Obetz or in the hearts of the players, but something is off. Something is in need of change.

The players on the pitch ("pitch") today looked absolutely spent. Anyone watching any level of sport closely knows what it looks like.

It's time for buttons to be pressed. Change it, or face a fate worse than death... average MLS season.

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