Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Ranking - For Hope!

Crew SC fans seem a little frustrated that the team is in last place (they should be!). It's an unusual place for the team to be at any point in the season - and with four games gone, it should be a concern. I've never seen Columbus in this position. Even in short five or ten game spans there always seems to be at least a team or two worse.

To help make sense of the local team finding themselves 20 out of 20, let us look towards the facts and figures of this season, so far. I watch a fair amount of MLS, but it's impossible to get a fair handle on how the season is going in the league top to bottom.

Below will be a ranking based on where the team is on the table (Points per Game - PPG) and ranked by Who Scored (WS) and Squawka (SQ). "Rank" is the average position of PPG, WS and SQ.

2FC Dallas212
2L.A. Galaxy421
4Colorado Rapids434
5Sporting Kansas City186
6Montreal Impact865
8Portland Timbers1148
8Philadelphia Union8107
9Real Salt Lake21214
9New York City FC1279
10San Jose Earthquakes41412
10Orlando City7815
10Houston Dynamo15411
11Columbus Crew20113
13Chicago Fire121216
14New England Rev.141613
15Vancouver Whitecaps101717
15Seattle Sounders FC171810
16Toronto FC151518
19New York Red Bulls172020
19DC United191919

Here are the figures extended out with some helpful key performance indicators on the right.

PPGTeamWS RatingSquawka RatingPGDPtsPoss%Pass%Shot AShot F
2.25Sporting Kansas City6.8574742957821111
2.00FC Dallas6.97825521050759.815
2.00Real Salt Lake6.8485428457213.810.5
1.75L.A. Galaxy6.94918447558010.313.5
1.75Colorado Rapids6.92769417547811.515.8
1.75San Jose Earthquakes6.79504407487715.89
1.67Orlando City6.8546831550811112.3
1.50Montreal Impact6.89749416498014.311
1.50Philadelphia Union6.84709416477413.813
1.40Vancouver Whitecaps6.71408507447315.211.2
1.33Portland Timbers6.91612304508011.320.7
1.25New York City FC6.8756240558791217
1.25Chicago Fire6.8415405457415.510.3
1.20New England Rev.6.734875-26507414.212.2
1.00Toronto FC6.7536440445701411.3
1.00Houston Dynamo6.9150743449721513.8
0.75New York Red Bulls6.511124-5355721314.8
0.75Seattle Sounders FC6.655114-2351821211.3
0.60DC United6.621385-63477112.814
0.50Columbus Crew6.828064-22558213.314.5

Looks like Squawka loves the Crew so far this year and Who Scored is kinda = meh. I'm thinking the trajectory of this team is middle of the table.

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