Sunday, August 2, 2015

Crew SC embarrassed by new kids Orlando City

The Magic Kingdom wasn't so magical Saturday night for the visitors from Ohio. After posting an early goal to take the lead (Higuain, 5'), they then proceeded to collapse defensively and allowed Orlando City to score five unanswered goals.
Mickey Mouse showing how it's done in Orlando City.

Their defensive form was the worst of Sporting Director/Head Coach Gregg Berhalter's tenure in Columbus. It was so bad, in fact, that Berhalter did not speak to the team post-game. His comments to the press weren't long in the tooth, either.

"I'm disappointed," Berhalter said. "We rolled over and made it easy for Orlando. That's not the type of team we pride ourselves on being. (Saturday night) we were an easy opponent to beat. This time was way below average, not up to MLS standard."

He alluded to changes in the lineup ahead of next week's match versus the Colorado Rapids. What those changes are remain to be seen.

Has Gregg Berhalter run dry of ideas?
My colleague Larry Johnson, posting on Twitter, summed up the 5-2 loss rather succinctly. "At some point, you've got to question effort. Orlando had zero fear of Columbus. #CrewSC need more players that have played in games that matter. Coach treats regular season like exhibition to the press.Now guys play like it."

They may be near the top of the Eastern Conference standings, but their form is more consistent with a team near the middle-to-bottom. More than "tweaks" are called for. Accountability and responsibility have to become hallmarks of the club. This starts at the top. They have allowed 8-goals against in just the last two matches. No matter how you slice it, this is not good.

The coming days will show how much change head coach Gregg Berhalter is willing to enforce. One thing that is certain is that something has to change to get the teams' psyche in the right place.

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