Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Improbable Book From Vidda "JibJab" Grubin

Vidda Grubin is a writer, author, poet, contributor to Helltown and he has a new book you should check out. My first experience with it was while I was travelling to Orlando for a sign and graphics trade show, a visual experience, to say the least, but all I remember for that trip are images this in my head from Vidda's book. Once you're in, you're in - from there it's one of the best rides you'll ever get on. [Purchase Helton Janglom’s Template for Life on Vidda’s HERE]


Helton Janglom’s Template for Life

What happens when Helton Janglom's challenging but enchanted life collides with the confusingly cynical world of Hsrah Macs Macs, yogi monk from the planet Coinfenced? Quite a bit...and not all of it good.

If Helton and his friends, Alya and Bird, can successfully navigate riots, scam artists, oceans, and delinquent parents, and Hsrah can stay a step ahead of the American Department of Justice, while managing not to be slaughtered by a murderous three-armed heathen from Coinfenced, there is bound to be some pick-up soccer and a few hands of poker played. Maybe, just maybe, one or two miracles will join the world of scam artists and eleven-year-old runaways.

The probability of even one miracle is slim, but in Helton's universe the improbable seems to happen way more than is realistically probable. Certainly the Gua Gua know the odds are good. Don't they?

The Author

Vidda "JibJab" Grubin lives in the stream. He tends to make earthly appearances without a set schedule. What fun is a schedule? He has written a number of novels (not many, but the number is greater than one), kids short stories, some poetry and too many articles and outlandish prognostications about the beguilingly beautiful sport of soccer. Vidda's favorite food is Gua Gua. His favorite place is hiking and his favorite random time destroyer is poker. He's not good at the damn game, but where else can one find the whole of humanity generally getting along? As always, Vidda hopes you help create everything in a moderately positive fashion. There's so much empty space out there. If you're going to fill a tiny bit of the void, please, the very least you can do is smile inside.


Purchase Helton Janglom’s Template for Life on Vidda’s Create Space page: HERE

Or on Amazon. And for goodness sakes, watch out for tiny meteors!

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