Thursday, July 23, 2015

Finlay, Kamara Tops

Updating my numbers tonight. Kei Kamara and Ethan Finlay still hanging in the top 10 in MLS. Added 2015 salaries to the image above. Lots of good players in MLS outside the million dollar guys, for what it's worth.


vidda grubin said...

Major League Soccer wants to be like the other North American Professional sports leagues, closed doors, only those invited to the party. Major League Soccer also wants to be able to keep salaries under control, with the exception of those players they CHOOSE to pay large sums. If MLS salaries reflected the quality/production by the players, the majority of players making millions would not be the players CHOSEN to make millions.

Really have to wonder how the Finlay's, Rowe's, Kamara's feel about the discrepancy. Professional Sports are about competition. The salaries are supposed to reflect the relative performance of the competitors.


Larry W Johnson II said...

I honestly believe that some of these guys don't know that there is any other system out there. Once the guys raised on watching leagues in England, Germany, Spain, etc there will have to be a change. They will see that their production should and can be rewarded based upon getting results.