Monday, July 27, 2015

A Chant Too Far...

There's an undercurrent of misogyny that happens at MAPFRE Stadium with alarming frequency. Those being misogynistic may very well not even know that their chants are harmful or even what the word misogyny means. Look it up, kids. Knowledge is Power.

Jeff Regensburger wrote a post on his own blog about the chants heard from within the stadium on match days. Read his post HERE. He notes that the chants are choreographed and fly in the face of Major League Soccer's campaign of "Don't Cross The Line".

One would have to think that many of those chanting such things have no children of their own. If they do, would they think it's okay for those kids to hear these chants? And while it may not seem that harmful to those participating, what if you had a daughter that was hearing such things on a weekly basis? 

Major League Soccer has made their stance on such things pretty clear. Nowhere within the phrase "Unity, Inclusion, Respect, Fair Play" does the word misogyny fit. In other words, "Don't Cross The Line".

Is there a place for chants at a soccer match? Of course there is. It's part of the fabric and the culture in which we enjoy the game of soccer. But when it drives people away from the game, is that a good thing? Can MLS and the Columbus Crew SC afford to have people take their money elsewhere? 

"Well, as you know, I always thought we tried to go a chant too far."

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