Thursday, July 9, 2015

“USSF and MLS appear to behave in a conspiratorial manner"

“USSF and MLS appear to behave in a conspiratorial manner, acting side-by-side to deny U.S. youth soccer clubs any training compensation and solidarity fees because they are afraid that the dam will burst and MLS will have to pay training compensation. Although not specifically relevant to the relief that Crossfire and the U.S. youth soccer clubs are seeking here, the Executive Committee may wish to explore the seemingly improper relationship between USSF and MLS shown here. The facts are clear that the two are closely aligned in an anticompetitive manner in the U.S.”

- Letter from Development Academy club Crossfire to FIFA, asking it to address the alleged interference of MLS and U.S. Soccer into the Seattle area club receiving FIFA-mandated payment of solidarity contributions from the sale of former Crossfire youth player DeAndre Yedlin by the Seattle Sounders to Tottenham. (

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