Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Rick Gethin! Radio Man, Service to Country and Writer Extraordinaire...

Left to right in photo: Vidda Grubin, Rick Gethin, Podcast Special Guest Chris Doran, Larry Johnson

Sometimes---my mind wanders. When at the poker table, redbirds and the occasional greenback slip comfortably from my modest chip stack into the welcoming towers of my tablemates' arsenals. The poker room, almost any poker room, is the place which gives me solace and feels most like home; a wandering mind in those friendly confines is simply part of the family.

When my mind wanders while writing, I am far from melancholy. Mistakes while writing, a hard won skill for me, chomp, chomp, chomp at the lining of my fragile stomach. Yesterday, Rick Gethin pointed out that I had misspelled Chris Doran's name in my last posting to the Helltown Beer Blog.

The expletives which formed deep in my tortured gut and rolled quietly out of my mouth, while I sat in a usually serenity inducing poker room, surely caused some of my tablemates to wonder if I had begun to lose more than money in the previous hand.

Larry Johnson was kind enough to correct the offending misspelling, which Rick had so kindly pointed out, as I could not access the editing function of Blogger at that instant. With that horrible faux pas rectified, and upon returning to the current couch upon which I reside, I combed through the post containing the Chris Doran name catastrophe and found three more, truly Rumpelstiltskin like, blunders. (Shouting out your name in the middle of the woods is never a good idea when said name is the key to winning the body and soul of a newborn king) My mind must have been wandering wickedly while writing the previous day.

I also realized I barely mentioned Rick Gethin, contributor to Helltown, in the error laden post. I will now rectify that mistake.

Rick and Larry have known each other for a few years now. Rick covered the Crew for the Massive Report, the Columbus Blue Jackets for Fox Sports and heavy metal bands with his trusty six string.

What most don't know about Rick is that he spent time serving in the armed forces. He also, in a time far away, was a radio personality in the northeastern portion of this great country. His skills mixing, editing and recording, as well as moderating discussion on the Red Cards in Helltown Podcast are invaluable.

Rick is part of an impressive team here in Helltown. I don't know whether he will be happy with me outing his impressive resume, but I've done it, so...there it is.


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