Sunday, August 31, 2014

Podcast: Red Cards in Helltown Episode XIII

• Jermaine Jones "blind draw," New England got him
• Getting that +1 or +2 home game (playoffs) critical
• Guardian piece (link) on Jones
• Steve Goff and Bruce Arena interview, Washington Post (link)
• (the competitive format, MLS speed bump)

• "Montreal shut them down" - Rick Gethin
• Number Nine conversation (Bedell) conversation
• Crew got out possessed in the first half
• ...more Bedell conversation, giving fair shake
• Every minute is an investment in a player
• Berhalter audio, every game is like a final, comments
• Inexperience traveling, midsummer game
• "The perfect Josh Williams game"
• Berhalter audio, individual battles
• Sharpness wasn't there

• Ultimate Parity, LET'S GET TO THE RESULTS!
• LA going on a rampage since Crew
• Sporting being un-sporting
• Some Toronto comments (right before Nelsen got let go)
• Relying on a system, knowing and understanding your process
• Playoff picture, if that's your thing
• Toronto falling has created a cluster
• Colorado epic collapse
• Las Vegas expansion news (link)

• Pro radio man Larry messes up audio during live recording, blames a cat

57:20 HEADLINE(s)
• Sports Business Journal, U.S. soccer growth (link)

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