Monday, August 11, 2014

Crew Fall to TFC, 7 Year Low in Rolling 20 Game PPG

Pretty good game between the Crew and Toronto last Saturday. Seemed like the ball whipped up and down the pitch with plenty of good chances for both sides. In the end, it was the team with the better players that won (- that'd be Toronto and their wage bill that is three times the size of Columbus).

With the loss the Crew reach a rare place on one of my longer Points Per Game (PPG) metrics. Looking at rolling 20 game results the Crew only have 18 pts in last 20 after this TFC loss. That puts them below a point for only the second time since I started recording Crew results (or 2007, let's call it the Modern Crew Era).

Here's a high level chart that shows rolling 20 game results...

Columbus is still in the 2014 "playoff picture" but trying to tell that to a long time Crew fan that was there 6-7 years ago is like saying the team is still able to "reach average" on the season.

While the play of the Crew has been attractive (tho, not as much so over past couple months) there is no way to sugar coat the results side of the Crew. With no additions (so far) during the summer transfer window, the Crew are banking on the league's easiest schedule in order to finish in a respectable position.

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