Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Updated Crew +/- Per 90

Haven't updated +/- Crew numbers for a while. Partly because there hasn't been too much to cover but also because this season has been driven by who is available (vs a coach having to make tough decisions).

We are 23 games in though and through all the muck we are starting to see which players are rising to the top with this metric (there are many, this is just one).

Goal Difference per 90, Name, Mins
+0.21 Justin Meram 854
+0.09 Ethan Finlay 975
+0.08 Jairo Arrieta 1108
+0.07 Hector Jimenez 1214
+0.00 Tyson Wahl 496
-0.06 Giancarlo González 1440
-0.08 Josh Williams 1123
-0.11 Federico Higuain 1683
-0.11 Wil Trapp 1586

-0.13 Steve Clark 2070
-0.13 Bernardo Anor 1379
-0.13 Tony Tchani 2042

-0.14 Waylon Francis 1321
-0.14 Eric Gehrig 628
-0.19 Michael Parkhurst 1861
-0.25 Chad Barson 721
-0.61 Dominic Oduro 593
-0.88 Ben Speas 513

Players under 450 Minutes

+2.81 Álvaro Rey 32
+0.87 Aaron Schoenfeld 103
+0.80 Kevan George 112
+0.30 Agustin Viana 300
-0.20 Adam Bedell 442
-0.69 Daniel Paladini 131
-10.59 Fifi Baiden 17


• I think it's reasonable to ask questions about Parkhurst's role. It's clear he should be playing but his sometimes shift to right back is for a reason. Note; Barson. When Williams returns I'd like to see him back at CB and Parkhust at RB. Keep it simple, get points, be done with it.

• Jimenez is missed. You usually see guys with a lot of minutes drifting to the middle but not him. It's very possible his injury absence is driving a number of other player's numbers.

• Would like to see Viana some more. Not sure why he's not getting more time. His WhoScored ratings are off the charts (for a Crew player).

• I'll look at this again at year end along with going over my KRAMB metric (a players PPG + Goal Diff when starting). I don't expect a whole lot to change here with a dozen weeks left.

Here are the extended stats for the players over 450 minutes.

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