Sunday, July 28, 2013

Crew Rd 21. Another 0 pts

Last night's embarrassing loss is not one Crew fans will soon forget.

This game started off as most Crew games have this year. Jumpy and sloppy with very little possession by either side. One could say that the away side had the better of it but it really depends on your definition of better.

Around the 17th minute there was a long ball from Matias Sanchez to Dominic Oduro that momentary broke up the dull play. Oduro gathered and ripped one near post from a difficult angle. Toronto GK Joe Bendik was completely taken off guard and it slipped in near post.

After that, play resumed. Jumpy. Sloppy.

Toronto is a bad team. Columbus is playing bad soccer. Both of these things were on full display to start the second half. Nobody in the Crew midfield seemed to want to be there.

As time went on in the second half Toronto got closer and closer till finally things broke down in the 87th when Jonathan Osorio left footed shot found goal with assist from Jeremy Brockie to tie it up.

Moments later, and somewhat fittingly, the heavens seemed to fall as rain became extremely heavy.

Toronto FC inevitably found another goal in extra time. Again, from the right side. This time Andrew Wiedeman left footed goal from a Bobby Convey cross.

The Crew haven't played good soccer for a long time. Some might argue it has been years since they have. Wins have come here and there but it never seems to be dominating nor pretty.

To a general fan of soccer there is no reason to watch a Crew match. For non-fans thinking objectively, they are boring negative affairs. The Fox Sports Ohio presentation only makes these things worse. It's almost like it is by design. Play ugly "zombie" (Bryan Gattozzi's excellent use of the word) soccer and have two misguided cheerleaders calling the game on TV putting off all but the most ardent of supporters.

Anyone who has watches a few games outside of the Crew each week will tell you; the team plays miserable looking soccer. They aren't getting results and it is painful to watch.

It's even difficult to to do a write up on what the hell happened - it's that poor.

How's this; the sub in the 79th minute that took Agustin Viana out and brought Chad Barson on shouldn't have happened. All I got.

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