Sunday, July 14, 2013

Houston Win, Crew 6 Pts Out

Only one time in the past three years has a Major League Soccer playoff team come from out of a playoff spot 50% through the season. It was the Houston Dynamo in 2011 (they were two points out at the time).

With that in mind, it is worth noting; Two goals from the Houston Dynamo's Adam Moffat last night not only helped to put New England away but also dropped the Crew to 6 points out of the 5th and final playoff spot (on even games).

The Columbus Crew are looking down a long row to hoe at the moment. Just to get back in to the playoff race, it is critically important that the Crew get all 9 points from the next three games (two of which include two Eastern Conf teams right above them).

This clock is ticking on this 2013 Crew season.

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