Monday, July 15, 2013

MLS All Star Roster, No Crew (again)

The 2013 Major League Soccer All Star Gameday roster was announced today and it did not include any Columbus Crew players. The Crew are the only MLS team in the past three years not to have an All-Star selection.

From what I gather, today's announcement is the 'gameday' roster and that there will be more selected later on this month. I looked around a bit on the and couldn't find where or when the next group of 'snubs' (expect the articles, zzzz) will be chosen. Were I to have the energy, I would track down excactly when and how MLS selects the rest, but... really MLS?

The actual All Star game that pits MLS's best against a preseason Roma is scheduled for the last day in July.

There are a lot of reasons to bang on the all star game but one thing it does is call attention to some of the better young players in the league. Looking up and down the selections since 2010 I see a load of guys that have gotten calls from better leagues.

Hoping Crew players like Josh Williams and Federico Higuain get a look when the league fills out the rest of the roster.

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