Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Precourt Sports Ventures Buys Crew, FTEs

Precourt Sports Ventures, LLC purchased 100% of the Columbus Crew today. Anthony Precourt is chairman and it appears that he will oversee the transition of the team into something "more relevant, more successful and cooler for everybody."

The hand off from the Clark Hunt and the Hunt Sports Group is abrupt. Mr. Precourt is fully at the helm of the club now and is reportedly in evaluation mode.

“We’re going to leave no stone unturned,” he said. “I can’t tell you yet. I love the name Columbus Crew. I love the colors. The badge, might take a look at the badge. We’ve got to see about that, though.”

The evaluation period is likely to last through next year but Crew fans should expect staff changes in the coming months, if not sooner. Chairman Precourt will want to get his thoughts, energy and ideas out into the club without hindrance as soon as possible.


It is very exciting for the Columbus MLS outlet - but I've been through a couple of things like this (it's how I wound up in Ohio) - so I'm aware of the folks in the Crew offices who are unsure of their futures. Met some of you and it's been nothing but good things ('cept for that one guy, yeah YOU). Change is tough and uncertainty breeds a great deal of fear. Hang in there y'all.

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