Sunday, October 28, 2012

Crew Rd. 34: Victory over TFC, Cup

Columbus rounds out the 2012 season on a positive note behind a couple nice goals from Federico Higuain and take home the Trillium cup.


Toronto FC left themselves pretty exposed in the back from the first whistle and the Crew didn't have much trouble finding naked space in the final third. After knocking on the door a number of times Federico Higuain cleaned up a ball in the box and, with a couple nice jukes, went across his body to beat the TFC 'keeper.

The unbalanced scoreline didn't last long because Toronto's Ryan Johnson flipped up a long ball that bounced past a sliding Eric Gehrig that Andrew Wiedeman gathered and put it past a charging Andy Gruenebaum.


The game remained surprisingly open but little quality was to be found. It took a horrible decision by TFCs Terry Dunfield to grab the waist of Higuain in the box for a penalty. Higuain converted the penalty. The score remained 2:1 till the end.


• Exciting match considering the cold and rainy conditions.

• It's been about a year and a half since I've given out a Man of the Match for a Crew game, Carlos Mendes gets the nod from Helltown this week. A really solid game. Solid year really (outside of the injury).

• Beside Mendes was Eric Gehrig - who had a iffy first half but settled in comfortably in the second. Good to see him out there.

• Also notable was Ben Speas seeing his first League minutes. He played well. Here are some posts where I talk about him over the past year.

• [NSFW] Finally, to close this 2012 season... a girl in the Nordecke exposing herself on Fox Sports Ohio as the game ended. The story has almost 20,000 views already. I think the Crew should win something for making Deadspin the most out of any MLS team this year.

• I hope the folks in Crew offices laugh this one off.

• ...and with that, on to the offseason!

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