Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Crew Wk by Wk Rank on MLS Table

Below is where the Crew have stood on the complete league table since game 5 of last year. I use the "true table" rank (points per game) because Major League Soccer oftentimes may have teams as many as 5 games apart in some rounds.

Note: This chart ain't winning any beauty pageants, but it does the trick (I think).

Chart Observations.

1. The Crew were better in relationship to the rest of the league last year until the end.
2. Eddie Gaven got hurt towards the end of 2011 and the team suffered combined with...
3. ...Combined with Emilio Renteria getting healthy and shoehorned in alongside Andres Mendoza (it didn't work)
4. The beginning of 2012 stunk, too many new players and lackluster preparation
5. I started at week 5 of 2012 to smooth it out, just because
6. Crew more consistent as year has gone on but may have to do with unbalanced schedule and less time zone travel out west (less outside factors affecting outcomes)
7. Consistency is good and opens the door to stable, measurable and manageable improvement. Key is to keep most of this year's team together

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