Saturday, July 21, 2012

Predictions: Crew v. DC

#3 in the East, DC United, will be visiting Columbus tonight to take on the 6th place Crew. Game starts at 7:30 PM EST and the weather looks to be perfect. Clear and in the 70s. Game on!


• Starters missing for each team due to Red Card suspension (GK Hamid DC and ST Renteria for Crew).
• DC is a goal scoring Juggernaut this year, averaging almost 2 goals a game.
• 8 of 19: # of games DC has scored above 2 goals in a game
• 0 of 17: # of games Crew has scored above 2
• Neither team scored in their last game
• Crew not scoring in 35% of games, DC 21%
• DC had a midweek game at Houston. It was not pretty for them and was their worst loss of the year (4:0)
Warzycha making a habit of losing 3 in a row? It has happened twice in the last 25 games. Before that it only happened once in the previous 92 (dating back to when he first took over).


No prediction from's Keith "dead-on" Hickey this week, but the fan poll in his preview shows a lean towards DC. Only 17% think the Crew will pull this one off. 66% think DC will win this sucker.

Finally some separation from the "Pick 'Em" bunch. After everyone hanging around 40% accuracy most of the year, their Managing Editor has fallen behind. The consensus is a Win for DC or Draw (no one picking the Crew this week). is again going with the home team here. 11/8 odds in favor of the Crew, 2/1 for DC. Noticing a trend here at this site. Home team. Interesting that a Draw is least likely... Because;

WinDrawWin says there is a large stake on 2:2 Draw. Neither club has drawn in a while. Crew haven't in last 4, DC in last 7. That is unusual.

The neighbors over at Pitch Fest (Jenn Eyer) have the Crew going down 1:2 and the fan predictor at the Crew's SB Nation site has 70% of the folks going with DC. In the accompanying article, Aaron Katzeman has DC winning 2:0.

Lastly, WV Hooligan's Drew Epperley has DC winning this one out by the same score Katzeman's got. 2:0.


DC has a strong club this year but tends to not play well in Columbus. I like that Justin Meram will likely be in an attacking role. He's creative but on the ball he relies on confidence. Had he not been grossly mishandled over the past month, he would have buried both his close chances last week.

Looking like Meram's partner will be Jario Arrieta. If this happens I expect Meram to be spending time dropping back and helping in the middle while Arrieta looks to poach one up top. I think poaching is the only way Arrieta will score in this league right now as he is unable to get open or find the right spots in attack (this includes the time I saw him play in the reserve game against NE Revs).

Adam Jardy has Josh Williams returning to CB along sided Chad Marshall and Nemanja Vukovic and Sebastian Miranda returning to Right and Left Backs. Speaking of Jardy... he has a generally optimistic outlook on today's game, calling this one a possible "turning point" if things fall into place. He qualifies that statement with "big ifs" though.

The job tonight for the Crew is simple. Limit DC to one goal or less and put two by the patched up defense and back up keeper DC has in there (Joe Willis). DC's confidence was busted last game. Columbus must rattle their cage early and often.

I think the Crew can pull this one off. I would prefer Olman Vargas against DC because he can find space and he has a habit of dropping back to support the midfield (the Crew will need that). Even if it is 30 yards out, at least Vargas can get the ball (looking at you Schoenfeld and you, Finlay).

As it is... DC lets the game flow which will help Columbus play an attractive game. Fans and Supporters will be pacified by that.

Going to call a 4 goal draw here. 2:2.

Here I was writing about a positive result against a top team and I pop over to the to read that Arrieta and Vargas possibly starting up top? What? How long has it been since they regularly played together, couple years right? and Williams over Miranda at RB? Who will be in he middle?? HUMAN SACRIFICE, DOGS AND CATS LIVING TOGETHER. LOCUSTS, HAILSTORMS, BOILS AND DARKNESS. ARRRGGGH.

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