Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Speedy Recovery, Bernardo

Bernardo Anor fell awkwardly after a Kei Kamara tackle last weekend and news out of the Crew offices is torn ACL. Out 8-10 months, they say. That puts him back just in time for 2013 training camp.

I've rated Bernardo very highly here in this space. His age, training background, football savvy and talent make him so - but even beyond all that are good numbers.

Even with Saturday's loss to Sporting KC, the Crew has averaged 1.73 Points per Game when Anor starts (dating back to the start of last year). Best on the team for players over 10 starts. The closest player to him who is actually playing this year is Andy Gruenebaum at 1.47.

He's 3rd on the team as far as goals against (1.00 per game) and 4th best in goal difference.

I reckon what I'm trying to say here is that he contributes to positive results and from all accounts (helping along Olman Vargas, taking on a new position), he is a good dude.

(He also must be a tough sonofabitch 'cause he played on that torn ACL for half an hour.)

Hoping he gets well soon.

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