Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Crew Collective, Writers and Artists

Over the past couple years I've realized that there is an impressive bunch of Crew writers, photographers, artists, and poets out there. In fact, I'd venture to say that the Columbus Crew have more than any Major League Soccer Club out there.

Not long ago, I thought it was only a handful but as I kept checking bookmarks, favored posts, etc... I noticed the list was quite expansive.

In fact, I noticed there were enough to fill a soccer club. So... instead of listing out each writer and a sentence or two about what I appreciate about what they do, I decided to go a more interesting route.

If you are familiar with it, go to EA's FIFA 12 Creation Centre and download the following team (yes, it really exists. Well, as "really" as digital things can be real):

(The real Massive City can be found here)

Position : Name : Country

GK : Rick Gethin : Wales
LWB : Ryan Kozlowski : Poland
CB : Craig Merz : Germany
CB : Matt Bernhardt : Germany
RWB : Steve Sirk : Slovenia
CDM : Billy Sasquatch : USA
LM : Massive City FFC : Italy
CAM : David Burgin : England
RM : Patrick Guldan : Slovenia
F : Aaron Katzeman : Germany
F : Chris LaMacchia : Italy
GK : T-Bone : USA
CB : Shawn Mitchell : USA
CDM : Jenn Eyer : England
CAM : Cody Sharrett : English
RM : Adam Jardy : Scottish
F : Sam Fahmi : Egypt
CB : Larry Johnson : USA

I had such a great time putting this together. Again, I just didn't realize that there were this many.

This list isn't even complete. There are still a few more to add even (audio / radio guys, Massive Report Podcast folks, Matt Goshert and others being big omissions). We'll consider this a mid-season 'beta'. I promise to have a complete team for the release of FIFA 13 in a couple months time.

About the team:

• I used last name as player origin. Such great last names on this list so it was hard to resist.

• Writing style dictates player attributes. FIFA 12's online creation center allows for dozens of modifiable skills and traits so each player is different based on how I feel they write.

• Examples: Merz and Sirk are official writers. Defenders of the Throne, (so to speak) therefore, I have them in the back line. Bernhardt starts in the back because of his deep understanding of the team and because I like having another German in front of goal.

• Gethin at GK seems to me to be a comfortable fit. I always thought Gethin was German as well, but it seems it is more directly Welsh. Eyer, who also writes with Gethin at Pitch Fest for the Hudson Street Hooligans, is a beautiful surname. Old English, from what I can tell.

• A few others: Burgin is the teams creative mid. Katzeman will get yer goals, Kozlowski will make sure you DO NOT LOSE.

• I hope Massive City forgives me for using the name in a virtual space. Lots of respect on this side of town and the name was used out of that respect (and awesomeness).

• In case there is some medieval angst out there, "Jardy" is phonetic spelling variation of "Hardy", which is Scottish for "brave".

Everyone on this list has been designed with care and meant to just be a more interesting way to post a "blog roll"!

It's very important to have multiple voices out there for the Crew. Be it with the written word, visual or audio. The health of any club practically depends on it.

I realize I'm speaking to a very, very select few that cover the club and play video games so if you have questions please let me know:

XBOX Live: sirljownsu


Rick Gethin said...

You're spot on with Gethin being a Welsh name. Also, my mother's maiden name is Darmstadt, which is very much German. Kudos to you.

Studio79 said...

THIS is freakin AWESOME!!! :-)

Larry W Johnson II said...

Thanks fellas

Chris said...

Yeah, you nailed it. Big kudos. Somebody has to win some silverware with this club.