Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Crew Waive Three, Perry Video Clip

By noon on Wednesday, June 27th, the first day of the summer transfer window, three players were waived by the Columbus Crew: Shaun Francis, Korey Veeder and Aubrey Perry.

Before June 27th, as I understand it, the Crew were one over their allotted 8 international slots available to them and one player above the 30 club players allowed, so with the Shaun Francis move they drop back even on both accounts*.

This doesn't mean that Columbus is locked out of signing another international player as Major League Soccer allows teams to treat International Slots as a commodity.

A closer look at the players let go today:

20 Years Old, $45k salary... saw mostly "reserve team" time with Columbus. I've seen him play a few times... (here's a post where I called him a, well, um... "dick" during a preseason game interchange he had with Tommy Heinemann. I'm working on my language here, promise). He's aggressive and at 5'11" has size to make him an asset at youth levels (has played in U20 USMNT levels). He needs someone to teach him a specific position. Mildly surprised the Crew let him go but considering the gaps the team needs to fill, it makes sense.

25 years old, $45k salary... regularly in the top 18 for the Columbus Crew. He's a 6'0" left footed back. He's got decent speed but too thin to play in Major League Soccer but does have a good eye for the game. Were he not taking up an International Slot on the Crew he would probably still be here. He managed to play to the moment and as such contributed to 3 goals for the Crew this year. The other players like him, good teammate. I expect him to get picked up.

21 years old, $34k salary... believe it or not, Aubrey was the player I was most impressed with out of these three the Crew let go. I got to see him in a couple scrimmages and a Reserve game against the New England Revs. He might have pressed a bit but there was no denying his effort. His speed and crosses seemed above average. Not sure what happened here with him. Why so little time with a kid who had the tools to replace Miranda? Regardless. I think Perry has talent at the Right Back spot.

Below is a video I took during the NE Revs v. Crew Reserve team match on June 10th, 2012 (it features Aubrey Perry as Crew RB, in yellow).

I think the Columbus Crew gets MLS Corporate off their back by dropping these guys more than anything else. I've read that these moves were to free up whatever is needed to sign a Designated Player but I don't necessarily believe it. People tend to do only what they have to. In this case, the Crew were over staffed in total roster and international spots.

In doing what they did today they alleviate both problems and put themselves in position to make a couple moves early in the transaction window.

Nothing more, nothing less.

* Patrick Guldan (Fox Sports Ohio, Massive Report) has informed me that the Crew do have an open International Slot while Adam Jardy (Columbus Dispatch) reported they are all full.

[UPDATE: JUNE 28 2012]: Columbus Crew GM, Mark McCullers said on the team website: “We want to prepare ourselves, we need to make these decisions now. We’re setting the roster up for the likelihood we’ll get something done.” The something, McCullers goes on to say, is a high profile signing / possible Designated Player.

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