Saturday, June 16, 2012

Crew v. Revs, Predictions

WV Hooligan, and have thrown out predictions for today's Crew game. Let's take a look:

WV Hooligan, Drew Epperley

If the Revs can dictate the pace of this game from the opening kick – they could get the three points. Columbus on the other hand was red hot before the two week break. Something will have to give in this one, and while I like the Crew a little more right now than the Revs, this one just screams a draw., Keith Hickey

MLS Soccer's "Pick 'Em" people all picked New England to win, save for one (they did not provide scores):

Picked NE Revs to Win:
Greg Lalas (Editor-In-Chief), Jonah Freedman (Managing Editor), Nick Firchau (Senior Editor), Matt Doyle (Armchair Analyst), Jason Saghini (Director of Video).

Called for Draw:
Andrew Wiebe (Editor)

General consensus is that New England has the edge (game is in NE). Even local beat writer for the Crew, Adam Jardy, has a hard time bringing himself to say the Crew will pull this one out;

"...the team that can get its footing early and take advantage of the other's mistakes will collect three points."

I tend to think statements like that aren't exuding confidence in the team's chances tonight.

I think the Crew have the talent to run away this one if players are used well. Looks like Vargas and Renteria are being pegged to start, though. Not a combo that has had success.

It would be true to form if Warzycha starts Vargas even though he has been away on international duty. Not playing, practicing or developing with the rest of the team seems to earn you starting spots these days.

Prediction: NE win or draw if Vargas and Renteria are up top. Crew win if Renteria is alone up top and Anor, Meram and Gaven slide behind him.

It would be insane not to start Meram and Renteria, by the way.

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