Tuesday, June 12, 2012

1st 3rd of Season Crew Player Grades

Here are some general grades for Crew players with a quick note on each player. Only 1/3 of the way through the 2012 season, long way to go.

These might look a little different in that they grade contribution to the team and not just performance. Example; Aubrey Perry is doing his job in his role. Staying healthy, practicing, and playing with the Reserve team. All good things for the team.

I'm not going to give points for expected potential or high ceilings that are not currently being reached. It's also the job of an athlete to stay healthy and health/durability should always be part of the overall players portfolio. Perhaps it's a harsh assessment, but it is a honest one.

Whether or not the team is doing a good job at recognizing and treating is another conversation.

I'll take a look at this again later in the year. Again, this isn't how good I think a player is... it is how well I believe they are performing their job based on what I've seen, read and heard about the player.

This is a quick assessment so there is nothing scientific about this (I have plenty of that to come, trust me). Think of it of a mid semester evaluation for a class that only requires you write a one page paper at the end of the year.

The plus (+) after a letter just means I think they will move up letter grades as the year moves on.

Josh Williams
Out performing all expectations at senior level

Eddie Gaven
Having an excellent year

Andy Gruenebaum
Performing as well as any top GK in MLS
Justin Meram
Recovered from injury, was patient, performed well

Cole Grossman
Doing all that is asked at high level

Nemanja Vukovic
Staying healthy, passionate and hungry
Eric Gehrig
100% effort and staying healthy

Aubrey Perry
Fulfilling duty at reserve team level, shows good talent, healthy

Kevan George
Playing well at senior level, doing what is asked, savvy

Bernardo Anor
Playing well and staying healthy. Having a good year and showing improvement

Aaron Horton
Doing what is asked, traveled out on loan and on the Reserve team, healthy
Sebastian Miranda
Solid at position and staying healthy

Matt Lampson
Staying healthy as 2nd Senior GK and on Reserves #1 GK
Shaun Francis
Okay on the field but makes some questionable decisions, in tough roll
Tony Tchani
Playing good role, needs to find way to contribute to attack, improving and healthy

Emilio Renteria
Staying healthy, good attitude of late - and scoring goals

Korey Veeder
Performing role and staying healthy

Chris Birchall
Getting fit after long layoff, good attitude, healthy

Ben Speas
Sports Hernia, Got Healty looked impressive in last reserve game

Ethan Finlay
Lots of playing time but little production, staying healthy, lots of effort, improving
Tom Heinemann
Had good pre-season, surgery, now recovering

Milovan Mirosevic
Staying relatively healthy, playing below expectations, still adapting to MLS
Chad Marshall
Head injury halted minutes, but was playing below talent, questions around attitude

Kirk Urso
Thrown in as starter (tough spot), made mistakes and now is injured.

Olman Vargas
Not producing as expected, did recover from slight injury recently (good)
Jairo Arrieta
Winter contract problems moved to mid year signing, did play in last reserve game

Aaron Schoenfeld
Decent hustle, looked durable to start, clumsy, Injuries now
Danny O'Rourke
More injuries, Fitness problems that aren't going away. Playing ok when available
Carlos Mendes
Injuries, Fitness problems, season not in sync
Dilly Duka
Injuries, can't get hamstring healed, not about to contribute

Julius James
Multiple Injury Setbacks, not able to contribute
Injured Reserve
William Hesmer
Hurt 1st day pre-season, out for year

Rich Balchan
Been trying to recover from hernia for a long time

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